Tangram 7 Pieces (0662)

Tangram 7 Pieces (0662), SKU: 8-016

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SKU: 8-016


Tangram 7 Pieces Creative

Help Your Child Master Tangrams - Loved by Adults and Children

Get your own Tangram from Creatives!

These ancient Chinese puzzles are used by both adults and children. The game begins with one square that is cut into seven piece. Each one is known as a tan.

The aim of the game is to create pictures using all seven sections of the tangram.

When telling a story, you would arrange the tans in such a way that it will reveal the shape of the characters.

Features and Benefits

  • Tangrams are ideal for teaching geometry and fractions to children
  • Fun to create and solve the puzzle
  • Can be played by women and children
  • Popular game loved by Americans and Europeans

Suitable for Ages: 5 years and Up

Box Set Includes: Creatives Toys Tangram 7 Pieces Set