Ronnie Rocket

Ronnie Rocket, SKU: 12-10230

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Product Information

SKU: 12-10230


WOW Toys Ronnie Rocket Space Ship 2 Piece Play Set

 Time to soar through the sky and off and away into space onboard the cool WOW Toys Ronnie Rocket Spaceship. All  you need to do is pull Ronnie¢â€šÂ¬¢â€žÂ¢s cord and start the countdown! The window numbers begin with 5 and end with 1.

All while Ronnie shakes and shudders as the cool space ship blast-off.

It is super fun to simply push the WOW button to allow the cockpit to open so you may place your Astronaut Play Friend inside and send Ronnie flying into orbit on his space mission!

Features and Benefits

    • Motorised countdown space rocket
    • Pull-cord operated vibrating take-off mechanism
    • Cockpit features push button to reveal the control panel
    • Removable astronaut play figure
    • Encourages motor skills development
    • Creative role-play
    • No small parts
    • Fun and interactive spaceship

    Suitable for: 1 to 5 years

    Box Set Includes: Countdown rocket, astronaut play figure

    Product dimensions: L: 240mm H: 247mm D: 150mm