Cottontail Rabbit Family

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SKU: 16-04030CH


Cottontail Rabbit Family

Epoch Sylvanian Families Range

Let�s start with the Father figure in the Cottontail Rabbit Family. The villagers in Sylvania loves Bent who is also the CEO and known for making the best cup of coffee in town. Besides being a good boss, he love telling riddles to children to leave them thinking.�

By his side is his faithful partner and friend. Lone. She is a gifted singer who teaching singing at Sylvanian School. All the kids love her beautiful voice.�

Then we have the two siblings, Gregory, who is a curious boy always asking Why. This is why you�ll find him with teachers as he gains a lot of knowledge this way. His sister, Ulrikke is a real little lady and acts like one. She loves receiving white flowers as a gift.�


  • Recommended Age: 4 years and Up
  • Content:�1 x Cottontail Rabbit Father,�1 x Cottontail Rabbit Mother,�1 x Cottontail Rabbit Son,�1 x Cottontail Rabbit Daughter