Aquabeads Princess Tiara Set

Aquabeads Princess Tiara Set, SKU: 16-031604

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Product Information

SKU: 16-031604


Aquabeads Princess Tiara Set

The set is the original stick with water arts and crafts bead activity toy, and it's great for encouraging imagination and creativity.

Over 500 solid and jewel beads in six colours are included in the Princess Tiara Set.

How to Use

  1. Place the beads on the layout tray in the correct pattern according to the template. The beads will miraculously cling together when you spray water on them from the sprayer.
  2. This kit features a 3D tiara base, so you can put your finished creation on display or even wear it!
  3. Enjoy playing dress up with your Aquabeads flower tiara and imagining you're a royal princess!


  • There are three other forms available to use. Use them as a starting point for your own bead-refillable tiara creations! (sold separately).
  • The 3D tiara's insertable pieces can be swapped out for new ones.
  • Appropriate for kids over the age of 4.