Aquabeads Pastel Fancy Set Refill

Aquabeads Pastel Fancy Set Refill, SKU: 16-031504

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Product Information

SKU: 16-031504


Aquabeads Pastel Fancy Set Refill

Cute and intricate bead patterns in pastel shades, with templates available.

There are brand-new beads in soft pastel colors.

What We Like

The first ever water-activated bead craft kit, Aquabeads has been around for a long time. Since 2004, millions of Aquabeads designs have been made by kids all around the world.

The Pastel Fancy Set is filled with cute and unique patterns, such as pastel colored animals, a house, and even accessories. Then, when you're done with your designs, simply spray them with water; no oven or stove is necessary.


  • Suitable for kids all ages starting at age 4
  • Bead count: over 600; color variety: 11