Aquabeads Mystic Unicorn Set

Aquabeads Mystic Unicorn Set, SKU: 16-031944

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Product Information

SKU: 16-031944


Magical Unicorn

There is one clear tray, a spray bottle, and enough beads to keep your kids busy for hours.

Aquabeads are so much fun, your kids will love making things with them. So this Magical Unicorn Party Pack is sure to be a hit because the different unicorns and flying unicorns are fun.

You will love that there are more than 2,000 beads in 14 different colors. There are also pretty beads that look like stars. This set doesn't have a bead pen.

How it Works

  • Just put the paper on the table and put the clear tray on top of it. Since my kids are still young,
  • Use washi tape to keep it in place. This just makes it a bit easier.
  • Once you're done, put water in the small spray bottle that comes with the kit and spray your work.
  • Wait an hour, then turn your project over, spray it again, and wait another hour. It's done from there!