Aquabeads Delux Carry Set

Aquabeads Delux Carry Set, SKU: 16-031914

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SKU: 16-031914


Deluxe Carry Case

Create, spritz, and flip the tray, and they'll stay put!

Water-activated fuse bead crafts have been around since the 1940s, but Aquabeads are the first of their kind.

Contains everything your youngster will need to design and make their own bead creations. Bead palette that may be used as both a storage container and a carrying case, featuring a flip tray and sprayer.

A new structure for a carry case makes it easier to transport and store your belongings! Decorate the case with interchangeable bead designs to make it their own.

How to Get Started

To get started, choose your template and lay the sheet on top of the flip tray, matching the beads to the spacing on the tray.

Beads should be placed on the tray in accordance with the template until the template is completely covered.

It's time to finalize your artwork by sprinkling the beads with water!

Spray the pattern liberally with water after filling the sprayer.

Flip the tray immediately after spraying to let the pattern to dry in the receiver. With the accompanying creation base and design pegs, you may proudly exhibit your beaded work, or you can wear and share your creations with the bracelet and ring bases.