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Accessory Set, SKU: 16-05191


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SKU: 16-05191


Accessory Set

Dressing up can be a lot of fun! Afford your Sylvanians the pleasure to play dress up. All sorts of accessories are available, ranging from bows for their ears to flowers. You�ll even find a teddy bear-shaped purse and blue bow.

Playful babies and fashionable girls of the Sylvanian Clan will definitely benefit from this stylish accessory set.

Benefits and Features

  • Consists of a range of accessories for the Sylvanian Families
  • Includes stylish ribbons and headband
  • Perfect addition to Sylvanian wardrobe

Suitable for Ages: 3 to 10 Years

Box Set Includes: 3 x bags; 1 x necklace; 1 x glasses; 4 x hair bands; 1 x tiara; 8 x earrings