6 Finger Paints Washable

6 Finger Paints Washable, SKU: 1-A3008E

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Product Information

SKU: 1-A3008E


Finger Paints Washable

The Galt 6 Finger Paints Washable play set is the perfect gift and toy for young ones who are two years old or older.

Parents! Watch as your little ones discover their creativity by painting with their fingers.

Welcome your young ones to the world of colours as they paint and experiment with green, purple, orange, blue, yellow, and red.

Benefits and Features

  • Washable finger paints in a variety of bright colours
  • Enjoyable and interactive painting activity
  • Stained clothing are machine washable
  • Comb over the paint to produce different effects

Suitable for Ages: 2 years plus

Box Set Includes: 6 x 100ml pots of thick, washable finger paint in bright colours.