Super Bricks Baseboard

Super Bricks Baseboard, SKU: 7-M38-B0182

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Product Information

SKU: 7-M38-B0182


Super Bricks Baseboard

Educatonal Bricks for Smart Kids

One of Sluban's best building bricks educational toys, the Big plate measures an incredible 48 x 48 cm.

Empower your child to let their imagination run wild with this one-of-a-kind Super Bricks Baseboard that is also compatible with other well-known building block brands like Lego.

Benefits and Features

  • Sluban is roughly 60% cheaper than other building bricks on the market.
  • Offers a variety of themes such as Star DreamWorks for Girls and Land Forces for Boys.
  • Guarantees hours of fun play for young and old
  • Perfect for laying the foundation for construction sets
  • Made from High-quality materials.

Age Group: 6 years and Up

Box Set Includes: 1 x Sluban Educational Bricks Base Plate for Children, and directions how to use