Railway Station- Car 95PCS

Railway Station- Car 95PCS, SKU: 7-M38-B0229

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Product Information

SKU: 7-M38-B0229


Sluban Railway Station- Car 95PCS

Be part of the adventure by building the Ground memorial using the incredible Sluban building bricks of this set, consisting of 95 pieces.

Due to the fact that as much as 80% of the human brain gets developed during infancy, it makes sense to build the train and show it to your infant who will learn to discern colours and shapes.

Benefits and Features

  • Older children will learn to memorize and develop their sense of judgment.
  • Amazing product design that feels a lot like Lego building blocks
  • Great gift for young ones who love working with their hands
  • The building blocks have no sharp edges and very safe to play with
  • Increases interaction between parents and their kids
  • Enhance intelligence among children.
  • Children discover the relationship between parts and how everything fits together

Age Group: 6 years and Up

Box Content: 95 piece building blocks, 1 x figure