Police Plane Pete

Police Plane Pete, SKU: 12-10309

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Product Information

SKU: 12-10309


WOW Police Plane Pete

    Be on the look out for imminent danger while you soar the skies with WOW Police Plane Pete!

    You just have to push Pete long enough to activate his propellers. Soon he will spin round and round. This way the plane is ready for lift off.

    The secret compartments on the Police Plane are packed full to the brim with everything he needs. Besides, you need a host of tools and equipment to help you catch the baddies.††

    Benefits and Features

    • Motorised that features realistic engine sounds
    • Improves hand and eye coordination
    • Automatic spinning propellers
    • Rotating cargo hold

    Suitable for Ages: 1 to 5 Years

    Box Set Includes: 1 x motorised aeroplane with spinning†propellers, 1 x policeman pilot Play Friend and 1 x police dog Animal Friend.

    Packaging dimensions: L: 280mm H: 180mm D: 125mm