Mix 'n Fix Mike

Mix 'n Fix Mike, SKU: 12-10185

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Product Information

SKU: 12-10185


WOW Mix 'n Fix Mike

This amazing baby toy playset by WOW boasts a friction-powered rotating cement drum. All you need to do is push Mix n Fix Mike along the floor and see how it jumps into action, which will activate the motion of the drum too.

With this pretend-play collection, your little ones can build anything with Mix n Fix Mike Construction Vehicle.

You can be sure that Mike is ready for any construction job large or small. Cement making is not a problem thanks to the outer drum that makes the whole cement making process a lot of fun to watch. Ricky the driver friend plays his part by operating Mike to the best of his ability.

Benefit and Features

  • Cement mixer has realistic engine sound and is activated through a motorized push and go action
  • Notice the visible spinning pattern thanks to the automatic mixing drum
  • Removable construction driver named Ricky

Suitable for Ages: 18 Months to 5 Years

Box Set Includes: 1 x motorized Push & Go cement mixer with rotating cement drum, 1 x construction driver named Ricky and 1 x removable safety barrier accessory

Packaging dimensions: L: 320mm H: 200mm D: 140mm