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SKU: 8-0205



One Word Many Meanings Picture Word Game

Help children learn the different meanings of words

Join in on the excitement as you unbox Homonyms by Creatives. Your children will thank you as they enhance their vocabulary in a fun way while discovering the meanings of words. 

Often we come across words that sound the same and may even be spelled the same but have different meanings.

The aim of this game is to study homonyms in their different phrases and learn to distinguish the differences between them as you hear them. 

Benefits and Features

  • 25 x Three piece match ups
  • Vocabulary build up with sound alike words and using picture clues
  • Alphabets and language
  • Learn to use homophones in everyday sentences


  • Recommended Age: 5 to 15 Year Olds
  • Content: 25 three piece self-correcting match-ups