Heavy Duty Henry

Heavy Duty Henry, SKU: 12-07070

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Product Information

SKU: 12-07070


WOW Heavy Duty Henry

Go ahead and push Henry the bulldozer to your nearest construction site and listen to the lovely sounds of the motorized engine. Simply fit the figure in the driver's seat so he can drive his way to the construction site.

The enclosed magnetic trailer does a fantastic job of holding the boulder in one place while you go over bumps.

A really cool feature is the fact that you can open the tailgate and remove the boulders before you head out to a new job.

Benefits and Features

  • Bulldozer of this toy set is friction powered
  • Realistic engine sounds
  • Bobbing chimney
  • Magnetic trailer is detachable
  • Removable construction worker and boulders

Suitable for Ages: 1 to 5 Years

Box Set Includes: 1 x bulldozer, 1 x trailer, 2 x rattling boulders and 1 x figure