Girl's Dream(306 Pcs)Romantic Restaurant

Girl's Dream(306 Pcs)Romantic Restaurant, SKU: 7-M38-B0150

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SKU: 7-M38-B0150


Girl's Dream(306 Pcs)Romantic Restaurant

Make your little princess heart happy with the Girl's Dream Romantic Restaurant Building Block set.  That is not all, the 7 characters will do all they can to make life easier for the princess.

The set includes everyday essentials from eateries to cosmetics. What a joyful time your princess is about to have as she engages with this interactive play set for girls. Keep her entertained for hours on end.

Benefit and Features

  • Precision engineering to ensure all blocks fit in nicely
  • Helps your child to live out her own fantasy world with this Romantic Restaurant play set
  • Vivid simulation environment
  • Multi-colour toy set to stimulate visual senses

Suitable for Ages: 6 years and Up

Box Set Includes: 306 tiny blocks, 7 x mini figures, colourful instruction manual