EZ Quilling -Butterfly Pony Swan SET 3

EZ Quilling -Butterfly Pony Swan SET 3, SKU: 11-EPQ-EP100

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SKU: 11-EPQ-EP100


EZ Quilling -Butterfly/ Pony/ Swan Set of 3  A4

Art Lover helps your little ones discover the artist within with art kits like Scratch a Doodle, sand art, and model building.

Please encourage your children to discover the artist in them with this one-of-a-kind art lover kit. It makes for the perfect gift for your little ones this season.

Because of its positive effects on the brain, body, and emotions, colouring and working with art forms like these is a great way to help your child develop in these areas.

Art Lover Craft Benefits

  • Fine Motor Skills.
  • Large-scale motor control.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination.
  • Visual Perception.
  • Focusing on Where One Is in Space.
  • Creativity.
  • Communicating Feelings in a Positive Way.
  • Understanding and enjoying art.